Maximum financial Assistance is Rupees Fifity Lakh (Rs 5000000)
The last date for IDMI updation has been extended to 15/03/2014

National Policy on Education (NPE) has adopted the concept of a national system of education, implying that all students irrespective of caste, creed, language or sex have access to education of comparable quality. The Policy lays special emphasis on removal of disparities and equalizing educational opportunities by attending to the specific needs of those who have remained educationally backward so far.

In pursuance of NPE stipulations, the scheme of Area Intensive Development for ensuring an area intensive approach to education was launched in the IXth Plan. This scheme was merged with Madrasas Modernisation Scheme during the Xth Plan with two components of Modernisation and Infrastructure remaining separate. No financial assistance for infrastructure development was envisaged for Madrasas to whom assistance was restricted to providing honorarium for the teachers teaching modern subjects and assistance under the infrastructure component was provided to Governmental and Non Governmental educational institutions imparting modern education.

Two components of infrastructure and modernization are sought to be demerged in the XIth Plan in view of the fact that the target groups for these two components are different. The component of Modernization of Madrasas has been recast and a separate scheme of providing quality education in Madrasas drawn up. The infrastructure component is proposed to be incorporated in this scheme – Infrastructure Development of private aided/unaided Minority Institutes (IDMI) (elementary secondary/senior secondary schools).

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