Instructions Introduction:

National Policy on Education (NPE) has adopted the concept of national system of education, implying that up to a certain level all students irrespective of caste, creed, language or sex have access to education of comparable quality. The Policy lays special emphasis on removal of disparities and equalizing educational opportunities by attending to the specific needs of those who have remained educationally backward so far. Suitable incentives therefore, have to be provided to educationally backward sections of the society.

The National Policy on Education commits itself to provide all possible means for the uplift of the educationally backward minorities. The children of the educationally backward muslim minorities attend Maktabs/Madrasas/ Darul-Ulooms with very little participation in the national mainstream education system. These institutions provide by and large, religious teaching. In order to provide them with access to education in modern subjects, the Central Government has been implementing the Area Intensive and Madrasa Modernisation Scheme. The scheme as implemented during the X Plan had two components, namely infrastructure support for educational institutions catering to educationally backward population and introduction of modern subjects in traditional institutions of Madrasas.

The National Monitoring Committee for Minorities Education (NMCME) was constituted in 2004 to look into all aspects of education of minorities and suggest ways and means to improve the conditions for educational empowerment of minorities and visited several states and interacted with the leaders of the Muslim minority community, educationists and Madrasa Managements. An Expert Committee of the NMCME was constituted to give inputs for revising the programme of modernization of Madrasas and submitted its report. The Expert Committee has suggested that Madrasas be provided a linkage with the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) to provide for certification of academic levels, linkages with vocational education, improving the quality of education in modern subjects, introduced teacher training, enhancement of teacher salaries, strengthening of State Madrasa Boards for monitoring and raising awareness about education programmes for the Muslim community

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